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Reset rewards, get top gear by playing the game! Facebook; Youtube; Instagram; Twitter; Twitch; Como Jugar; Personajes. Below are listed most popular mu online private servers based by player voting. Item yang sudah dibeli akan dikirimkan ke player storage. webzen needs to stop waisting time developing anyhting for muonline. Experience: 9999x Game Guard: Divine Guar... 3000x 50% Real 5+ Warehouses 65k Ingame Resets & GR, Easy Jewel and BOK looting, version 97d+99i exp:50 drop:50 new items for each race. Mu Online Europe private server Season 15 Part 1 F.O items in Shop Boss Custom drop Events Custom drop Kills=wcoins cashop with F.O items, SEASON 15 - EXP 5000x - HIGH DROP RATE - SPOTS IN ALL MAPS - ITEMS AND SKILLS FOR ALL CLASSES IN SHOPS - PERFECT ECONOMY AND BALANCE - DIFFERENT FREE WAYS TO COLLECT WCOINS, GOBLIN POINTS AND RUUD - INTERNATIONAL SERVER - FREE BONUSES FOR NEW PLAYERS - GRAND OPENING 25 JULY. 4. Servidor S6 EP3, Exp x5000, Drop x60, PJS Balanceados, Sistema, Escape MU - FULL SEASON 15 , EXP 999999x , HIGH DROP RATE, RealMU S15 EP1-3 - NO RESET 50X - 2000 ONLINE, ProyectoMU S16 - 5X NO RESET - OPENING 09 JANUARY, Mu Crews Mexico x1000 80% Drop Abre 1 de Enero, New Bless x500 Premium - No Donate Shop - 5000 Online, New MUX Legend x100 - Season 15 Premium - 2000 Online, Season 16 Max Style FUN Server, MUX Phobos x5000 - Unique Server - 1000 Online, Mu Europe Season 15 - 3 Worlds LONGTERM Quality, Unlimited MU - 99999x - Season 15 - OPENING 09 JANUARY, ZhyperMU eX 12 - Top MU Server for 15 Years, Diamond MU New x50 START 26 December 26/12, MuO Play S15 NonReset x5 - Open 22/12 - Dec 22, AngelsMu Online X1000 S15 Get Full gear from Resets, 07 04 2020 GRAND OPEN BEST SERVER 30 APRIL, TOP Mu - New x5 Opening 30 December 30.12.2020. Illusion MU Online Season 15 NO RESET . Online since 2005, ❤ Peace MU ❤ and ❤ MuWar ❤ Online seeks to give the best to lovers of this fabulous MMORPG-style adventure game. More blood and passion is coming —— inheriting classic and advancing with the times. Achieve 210 hours of playtime during event period, [Notice] No Maintenance on 29/12/2020 (UTC), Greetings Mutizens,Please be aware that there will be NO maintenance on 29/12/2020 (UTC).Happy Holidays and all the best to you in the year to come! Restore energy to your Divine Object to tap into divine powers and conquer your foes! The game features fast-paced combat, quests, dungeons, PvP, castle sieges, and more. Epic fun server! Full Season 15 with Slayer class, New Premium server, We will listen to your ideas and suggestions, No full opt donate items in the shop, Lifetime warranty of your accounts and items, Lets create the best MU Online world together! Find the best MU private servers Classic on our topsite and play … - Online helpful admins © GTOP100.COM - 2020. SV HOST : CANADA (OVH) Via de online luisteren website zijn onder andere de bekende radio stations zoals radio NPO 3FM, Radio Veronica, Sky Radio, NPO Radio1, NPO Radio2, NPO Radio4, NPO Radio5, NPO radio6 en radio10 beschikbaar. Spots : regular x6 - hot spot x8 Online without wipes for 11 Years and More to Come! ANGELIC MU | SEASON 6 EPISODE 15 | FREE STARTER PACK | Unique In-Game Quests and EVE... NEW X100 START 07.11.20! Players can choose from the CLASSIC Five (5) classes of Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, Fairy Elf, Magic Gladiator and Dark Lord, and participate in a variety of official combat-centric events and prize challenges. Max Lvl: 1.000 Unique with our Hard Economy system, Nice Leveling Road, Interesting and well-considered Gameplay and Good Configurated server [In MU We Trust] - Join Us, Quality and Interesting game is the value of MuO Play [X5 NonReset, X200 Slow, X1000 Fast], Freebies for new characters, Many great features: Quest System with leveling road, New Jewels, Jewel Bank, Automatized Monthly Events, Market, Lag-free and long term, Join the Opening of our project Today, AngelsMu Online Season 15 X1000 * BEST Servers of 2020 ✔️. - Master Level: 400 pts (Se incrementa con GR). Real play2win experience - Feel The Difference. MU Online is een van de oudste en langst bestaande zogeheten Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG). No OP items! Reset Acumulative Mu online Europe Season 15 gaming project. Level: 400 Level Basic & 400 level master By your suggestions. Servidor totalmente free 2 play. - RESET: 400 lvl Free. Join millions of MMORPG players. Mu Online classic Servers. INFO: Archangel MU X5000 Grand Open 28 DECEMBER, eGames Inferno x5000 - New Server - 500 Online, Grand Opening 30 03 2020 - Remake of Mu Online, MuTucuman Season 3 Ep 1 OPENED 20-11-2020. 3 Servers for each taste, X10 NORESET, x50 slow, and X500 Easy server! We apologize for the inconvenience it may cause you. 2 Guilds Max Ally | Free T2 PVP Gear from Website | Friendly Staff & Community | Unique Anti-Cheat System | We currently have 4,779 edits to 97 articles and 653 images on this wiki since December 21, 2008. Mu online Server Version: Season 15 special edition: Anticheat: Medium serverside installed. Servers are online for 8+ years without any wipes. Amazing world of Arkania. Biggest MU Community. More than 20 years have passed but mu online is still massively played all over the world. Outstanding quality, real play2win experience - Feel The Difference! Reset: ON Trademarks are the property of their respective owners, all sites listed are added by users. Unique vision of Classic MU Online. - Challenges&special; gaming experience. EmpireMU NonReset is a new server with gradual levelling, thoughtful loot and is build for a balanced gameplay and PVP battles, if you like Castle Siege, Arca War, Guild Wars and PVP Bosses this server is for you! Following the footsteps of the successful titles MU Online and MU Origin, MU Legend offers an authentic alternative to the dungeon crawler gaming experience. Brand New Mu Online Grand Opening, WebShop: ON, Xshop: ON, Market: ON, Full Option Items: ON, Vip System: ON, Auto Party, Monsters Power Adjusted, Boss Respawn every 1 hour, Long Term No Wipes, 24/7 Uptime, Lag-Free game guaranteed, Join Archangel MU Today - December, Server Name: DarkRage Servidor Fast. Lifetime warranty of your accounts and items. Server Version: 97d+99i (98r) Mu Online was created in 2001 by Korean company Webzen, since then MU have been dominating RPG Online gaming world. Opening: 26.9.2020 We invite you to discover a old best (S6E3) MU world, but a new features and community. OPENING 09 JANUARY | SEASON 15 | EXP 99999x | PREMIUM ANTI-CHEAT | PVP BALANCE | NO WEBSHOP - ONLY IN-GAME SHOP | EASY INTERNATIONAL SERVER | HIGH RATES | GREAT ECONOMY - PLAY TO WIN | DAILY ICE WIND VALLEY EVENT | WEEKLY CASTLE SIEGE EVENT | FREEBIES FOR NEWBIES | FREE STARTER PACK FOR EVERYONE, Castle Siege War Points System | Save & Load Master Level Skills | Own Buff PVP Server | Later is het spel erg uitgebreid geworden. Mu Online Season 15 new character Slayer at Global Mu Online project, 2 worlds for each taste X500 and X99999. ⭐ - S6 E3 Original [Unique Game Project] - Join Us Item Code hanya bisa digunakan untuk PlayPark MU Online PlayIDs. DRXMu Online Season XII xp: 2500, drop: 75%, all events active, much rewards from events, friendly and activ GM, monthly tops with rewards, dynamic xp, more info on website, IDentyMU Online, Season 6, Custom Spots, Custom Events, x500, 50% Drop, Medium-High Server, Fun to play, Active GMs. Season 6 Episode FINAL / High - 1000x / Low - 100x / Dungeons System / Craft System / Bot System / Profession System / Achievements System in game / New valutes / Zen and jewel economy / Stable Online / Configured Events, Spots, Zen Drop / Join Now, Every week updates! MU Online is a free-to-play medieval fantasy MMORPG. Season16 New Character GunCrusher - Arrived / GRAND OPENING WAS 18 DECEMBER! The best mu top 100 high exp muserver to enjoy muonline. [Notice] Mystic Gift Box is back in Xshop. / 650+ ONLINE / MAZEMU x500 Rates Project / Custom Quest System / Invasions Attacks / Team-Play Bosses / Unique Moss Merchant / Epic PvP-PvM Battles / JOIN THE COMMUNITY NOW / Performed with love for gaming community! mu online - private servers, free servers, guides, guilds. - Experiencia: 500x - 300x din, SUPER HOT MU ONLINE, NEW SKILLSALL NEW MU ONLINE SETSNEW WEAPONS2 NEW MAPSMOBSSKILL TREE LOT MORE NEW 3RD LVL WINGS3RD QUESTS. MU ORIGIN 2 Europe Server has been released to EU region but is available for everyone! Feel the power of forbidden magic! Drop Rate: 60% Season 3, Episode 1 - Exp and Drop: 100x / 60x - Balanced PvP - Max Resets: 60 - Grand Reset System - Long Term Server - Online 8+ Years without database wipes - Active Developers, Active GMs, Great Community: Helpful Players and GMs - Unique and Balanced Game Economy Market Join us today. Black market promo tidak bisa digabung dengan promo lain. Welcome to the Illusion MU Online project, a free RPG based on the legendary MU Continent, a low exp non-reset server specially designed for fans of the official web platform, designed for the best gameplay, a real game to win. VIP: 350 lvl (+ exp). RuneScape Private Servers, RSPS Mu Online WoW Private Servers Lineage 2 Private Servers Perfect World Silkroad Online Ragnarok Online MMORPG & MMO Ultima Online Knight Online RF Online Maplestory Aion Online Battlefield Series Flyff Online. Prizes), Working Castle Siege, Mass Spawns, Grand Resets each 100rr, No Bugs, No Lags, Easy/fun Gameplay. Tim berhak untuk mengganti, menambah dan atau mengurangi item promo tanpa pemberitahuan lebih lanjut. - Stats: 65.000. X1000 AND X15 WORK! Unique Game server, Enjoy gaming at its best Click the banner for more details, S16 150RR 200x Dynamic,opening 2 JANUARY OFFLVl OFFSTORE / or Web Market, Dedicated Host, 5 connection per IP, Good Xhop, Fresh server, EliteMU Online - we are Big and Popular Private Server with 3 different Servers. Mu 2 was cancelled before release after numerous setbacks and poor reception. 800x exp, 50% dropp. Het spel is driedimensionaal, heeft geluid, en grootse effecten. Mu Online Season 15 gaming project Global Mu Online, Great gameplay from start till maximum stats, exciting and challenging PVE and balanced PVP! Mu Online * BEST Servers of 2020 ️. - Full custom MU Online is a free-to-play medieval fantasy MMORPG from Webzen. Mystic Gift Box was not updated in Xshop and now ithas been resolved. Experience... x500 EXP / x15 ML EXP with custom scaling / Medium drop rates / PvP and Non-PvP channels / Max connected 3 accounts/computer / Bigger EXP while in a party / No PK clear / Castle Siege every week / No wings, no crafted mastery items, and no 6-option items in shops / No database resets, Are you ready for the mobile version of MU Online We re proud to give you a stable private server for Mu Origin Mu Mobile with FUN Rates UNLIMITED diamonds and way MORE Join our community today. Box, Jewels, Wings in Shop. Exclusive new features and unrivaled game design. Elf Buff: 250 (MAX LEVEL) Home; Social. One of the most acclaimed MMORPG of all times, MU Origin 2 is back with a new plot and you just got another chance to play in this fascinating universe of intense battles, breathtaking … FULL SEASON 15 - EXP 99999x - HIGH RATES - FAST AND EASY LEVELING - SPOTS IN ALL MAPS - EXCELLENT ITEMS, WINGS AND JEWELS IN SHOPS - PROFESSIONAL ANTI-CHEAT SYSTEM - MU PLAYERS FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD - FRIENDLY ADMINS - JOIN NOW! Elemental Stigma - Another feature to increase your Elemental powers! We list the best servers of 2020. find your favorite Mu Online private servers by top ranked, version and country. - Season 6 Episodio 3. Asgard Mu Online Season 15 gaming project! 1 1st level wings 2 2nd level wings 3 3rd level wings 4 4th level wings 5 Evil’s cursed wings 6 Conqueror's 7 Premium (Limited) Equip Elemental Stigma to draw more Elemental power! Freshly founded in the month of June and have a continuously growing community in-game and in discord. Divine Object - Remnants of the fallen Archangel. Escape MU - FULL SEASON 15 , EXP 999999x , HIGH DROP RATE , PVP AND NONPVP AREAS , FAST AND EASY LEVELING , SPOTS IN ALL MAPS , EXCELLENT ITEMS, WINGS AND JEWELS IN SHOPS , BALANCED PVP , MINIMAP , 3D CAMERA , NEW EVENTS AND QUESTS , FREE BONUSES , MU PLAY. Browse detailed … Like Ragnarok Online and MapleStory, Mu Online … MU, MU online, Season14, private server, Battle Core, private MU online, free to play, mmorpg, auto play, free rpg, Free2Play, PVP, multi client and jewels, season XIV MU Online 2 Releases First Gameplay Video, [G*Star 2011] MU2 - Debut Trailer. Come & play with us! Welcome to mu online 2. Season 4 Episode 6, MAXIAML Exp and Drop: 80%. has anyone heard anything about mu 2, have they abandoned it or is it still in development. 2000 Online! As mentioned earlier, our team decided to make a new, much more thoughtful start to the redesigned server! prevent&blocks by default: Experience: 99.999x Challenging and rewarding: Stats: 62.000 but can be improved with sockets + statsbuffs up to 65.000: Challenging Bosses: Many mini bosses hidden on different maps. WebShop. 2. Join MU Online; the free-to-play fantasy RPG based on the legendary Continent of MU! A game with its own unique signature, MU Legend blends the dark fantasy world of an MMO with the richness of hack 'n' slash gaming. 18 00 UA! Online radio Het aanbod op bestaat uit diverse grote online radio stations en kleine online radio stations. FO Items in shops, PPL: 5/7/7+1, Friendly players, lots of events, Free Credits, Max Stats 32767, NO WIPES. Dynamic resets, Get Full gear with reseting, rewards every 100 resets like Wings, Rings, FO jewels, New Funny and Regular Server with many features and fun game style Play minigames working 100 with good prizes to make server better and playable Have fun in the new World of GOD MU The X10 server will open, --- TopMu Online S12 Premium, No Bugs, 3D Camera, 3 Servers NoReset: x5, Hard: x40 and Easy: x1000, Advanced Spots, Minimap, MUUN, RUUD, Bloodangel, Darkangel, Holyangel Sets, Nicely Configured Events, Items, Drops, Increased Monsters Power, No Full Items and Stat Points, Server Alive Since 2017 ---. Two different servers: x100 and x700 / Bonus Events / Maximally Limited Shops X and Web / No Full items / Game Guides / Reset, Grand Reset Rewards / Earn Free Credits by Playing / X Shop / Vip System / Auto Party / Monsters Power Adjusted / Web Market / Stable, Active Online / x700 today - January 5, 99.62T / 150x / No Webshop / Market / Auction / Custom Site / Web Bank Jewels And Items (Extended Web Vault) / Looking For New GMs / Item Add Luck Skill Remove Option From Site With Credits / Custom Quests Brand New / Weekly Rewards / Online Time Exchange / Vote For Credits / Friendly GMs. Master Exp: 25x Join the best free to play Mu Online private servers list and … - Good community MU ORIGIN 2, the MMORPG mobile game is officially online. Gifts and experience boost... [Experience: 1000x] / [Season 15] / GRAND OPENING x1000 12 DECEMBER TIME 5PM / New class Slayers / Stats 32k / Stats No Burn / BONUS GR SYSTEM / Vote Rewards / Custom Xshop System / New Items / New Events / New Maps / New Pets / and much more ... JOIN NOW! ... We are the same guys who have been playing MU for years and finally decided to make their own project We do everything for the players, because we know what its like to sit all day long and beat resets and go to gold We are always open to criticism, new ideas and suggestions, Mu Online Season 14, Unique and Professionally configured, X10 NoReset X50 Limited X500 Medium, No WebShop, Decreased Exp Boosts, Monthly Events, Balanced and Adjusted all game contents, Stat Builds, Custom Jewels, Market, Anti Hack, Stable & Long Term, Less words - Come and check all, Grand Opening, We have two servers, X9999 server with over 500+ players online, and the recently open the X50 server with 1500+ players active Experience Slow and only 10 RR to add 5000 Points in a Build - Make the best Build and be the best in PvP - Build and be the best in PvP Freebies on Opening. - No itemshop, no fo items. Reset Level: 350 Servers are online for 4 years without any wipes. - Items Originales. MU Online is a free-to-play medieval fantasy MMORPG. Exp: 1000x / Vip: 1500x GENERAL: All servers has easy configuration what will make gameplay fun and exciting! Season16 - MAZEMU World x500 - 650 Real Online! Quest system, sky event. after playing for the past month i feel as though maybe its time to move on. We will work hard to provide you a more stable service. Mu Online Top 100 Welcome to the Mu Online … Outstanding quality. Despite the game's age, Mu Online continues to be a big money maker for Webzen and is consistently one of their most profitable titles. Event\'s everyday, Find the best Top 100 Mu Online private servers with our server list. Apenas um trailer de um antigo jogo, que está voltando para as telas. Dark Knight. The game features fast-paced combat, quests, dungeons, PvP, castle sieges, and more. Staff is consistently working for updates solely for the purpose of improving the game. Item Custom: Version: Season 6 EP 3 + custom Keep Stats: No Greetings, Join Mu Europe! The wiki about MU Online that anyone can edit. Once the MU world reappears the player vision and has more fun to continue the miracle magnificent! escape mu season 15 - easy - 99999x full season 15 / max exp 99999x / drop 100 / high rates / pvp and non-pvp areas / fast and easy leveling / spots in all maps / excellent items, wings and jewels in shops / minimap / 3d camera / new events and quests / free bonuses for newbies / mu players from all around the world / easy server Latest s15 features, regular updates! Play to win: RealMU!!! MU Support Team, [Event] Surprise ! GRAND OPENING AT 12.12.2020! SEASON 15 LEGENDARY X35 - 25 DECEMBER | 4th class, Quest System, Wings, Options, Skill Tree, New Map Deep Dungeon, Guide Quest System, Items Division System, Mini-Game Jewelry Bingo, Chaos Combination Material System, New Map Swamp of Darkness, Lord of Darkness Battle, New Mastery Equip.

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