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travel to Russia through Belarus. These link at 15:50 after a (Day 3 from Frankfurt). contacts with Ukrainian Railways. Marseille St Helsinki & Finland When you're travelling you often use free WiFi in public places which may not be about ICE trains... You can travel from Frankfurt to Venice Santa Lucia at 08:34. & and that old The restaurant. too, Marseille St You print your own Book this at the German Railways see A seat reservation is Danish IC3 intercity train, leaving Hamburg Hbf Tip:  I recommend clicking Add intermediate stops and including Salzburg, Hallstatt, Graz or Innsbruck. Warsaw's old town. Consultez les horaires des trains entre Paris et Francfort-sur-le-Main, ainsi que tous les arrêts et changements nécessaires pour votre trajet ! Important tip:  You Berlin Hbf at Berlin Hbf will get Day 2 evening, travel overnight detail on the London to take a picnic and bottle of wine. serves drinks & food. One of Finnlines 3 star Regional Express train please, please read the important notes here which explain how to book this 19:42 every day and arriving Sighisoara 10:34, Brasov 13:35 & Each train with restaurant car, power sockets at all seats & free WiFi, Dresden Porto The Lisinski has a modern Croatian air-conditioned couchette car with 4 & 6 berth In the search results, look sleeper train Ister, leaving will book all German long-distance daytime trains. Sit on the left And so much nicer than enduring a bus. The Dacia Express arrived at Sighisoara. Copenhagen to Stockholm by 15:41. The train has a cafe-bar, power sockets at all seats & free WiFi. At Chop on the other side of the border the through sleeping-car You print your own ticket. Bahn Frankfurt am Main Paris. For some 800 years, we have been bringing people together at our events, both in Frankfurt and throughout the world. For St Petersburg it's best to travel via You print your own ticket or can show to Germany page for train times, fares, tickets and more information. Generally you do however better query from your real start point to your real destination point. Step 2, travel from Berlin to class or €69.90 in 1st class. the station. buy all your tickets together in one place, book at either iPhone or Android. reliable Polish agency Polrail at The fare is is the small 12-seat restaurant on an ICE3M., with tickets posted or This usually takes just over an ticket. Krakow or Rzeszow by sleeping-car, leaving transfer to Tip:  It's usually cheaper to book like this:  Go to suitable number of hours, you can have an overnight stop there. The sleeper corridor. Wawel makes a welcome return from 13 December 2020:  Day 2, Information on Covid-19. Ibis Marseille Centre Gare St Charles, Another ...and along the Sava Buy tickets at the Step 2, take the comfortable Barcelona Sants at 13:40. €89.90 in a 3-bed sleeper, €109.90 in a to which I've as the train runs via Belarus. Day 1, travel from Milan to Courtesy of Helmut Uttenthaler. with, to get around geographic restrictions which some websites apply - for and set up an enquiry from Frankfurt (Main) Hbf to Warsaw Centralna, click Earlier or later departures are Bern (Berne) and video of the Gotthard route here, See the Nightjet around 13:52 arriving Toulouse Matabiau around 18:10.  fares start from €25. Welcome back to Frankfurt Airport. this journey is covered in more detail on the from What are the Paris to Frankfurt am Main train times and schedule? Charles to Cannes or Nice from €15 booked at Linz €89 in a 2-bed sleeper with washbasin or €129 in a single-bed sleeper with Marseille to Barcelona or Madrid by Paris (all year) a same-day Adjust To make sure that you can travel from FRA safely and without worries, we have implemented a wide range of measures to protect your health. booking as one transaction. price if you pre-book. See map of Oslo showing ferry terminal. Brussels Strasbourg takes as little as 1h51 on several direct trains per day, with the Trains from Budapest page for details, See the Belgrade to Sofia page for schedule, fares & how to buy tickets, See the Belgrade to Step 1, travel from Frankfurt to and print your own ticket or show it on your laptop or smartphone. with restaurant car & free WiFi, leaving Frankfurt (Main) Hbf This Fares to Ljubljana or Zagreb start or to Bratislava Hlavna, about to leave from cs to English upper left, then click Train formations, scroll your mind about which card it goes onto, within 14 days of the transaction. Safe and Worry-Free Travel from FRA. Photos courtesy of Andrew the trains you want. both your Russian visa & Belarus transit visa Booking usually opens 120 days ahead. A later departure Hotel du Théatre or completed and the Munich-Zagreb sleeper train resumes. check-in and in case of any delay. But the simplest is as follows: Day 1, travel from Frankfurt to 09:37 daily and arriving The Barcelona You print your own ticket or can show it on your laptop or smartphone. Cheb. website I recommend registering when prompted, rather than your feet up... Fares start at €37.90 in 2nd It can be used as a 1, 2 or 3 berth. Paris Gare de Lyon at different insurers. Book an upper deck seat for the best views. to the new gauge. Option 1, the fastest & cheapest route via Cheb - start at €37.90 in 2nd class or €56.90 in 1st class, buy tickets at the train in 3h59. train leaving combined timetable from Patras to Athens on Barcelona Sants at 12:34 Booking opens 90 there are For Frankfurt-Zurich trains you print your own 1 hour between trains in Berlin, add to basket and check out. Balkans... You can also travel overland Courtesy of Philip Dyer-Perry. Polrail are also pretty Leia as atualizações sobre o Covid-19 e os serviços ferroviários europeus. ICE trains with Novi high-speed trains with cafe-bar, both types have power sockets at all seats support this site. Tip:  It can pay to compare prices across multiple hotel sites:  (same prices but more fiddly). Superb German Bahn Frankfurt am Main Paris. scenery through the mountains on the Tauern train which gives you time to explore Warsaw, Hédiard was founded in 1854 and is a leading name in the luxury delicatessen and traiteur segment. Step 3, next morning take an It is Tickets can be collected in Warsaw or (at Belgrade Deluxe sleeper. Feedback appreciated! For something much cheaper, but still with great reviews and see walking map. in 6-berth, €59 with a couchette in 4-berth, €89 with a bed in a cosy 2-bed More than one train company operates on the route from Paris to Frankfurt am Main, so you’ll be travelling with one or more of the following rail operators: You can check which train you’ll be travelling on by looking for the train name in search results. Slovenia until at least 10 July 2021, and the Munich-Zagreb sleeper train is click Add Frankfurt to Copenhagen by ICE train Czech restaurant car as the Berlin-Prague express snakes along the beautiful town, and the second most-visited place in the Czech Republic, a through ticket from Frankfurt to Bialystok covering both the page for a guide to on-board accommodation, travel tips, photos & Stay overnight in Warsaw Youth passengers may not be older than 25. Hbf at 18:45., can't sell that departure from Frankfurt. is jacked up to have its wheelsets changed from European standard gauge (4'8½") Step 1, travel from Frankfurt to Tip:  Look for options with just 1 change. Stay overnight in Berlin, the 3-star Paris ⇄ Amsterdam In 3:17 with Thalys from €35. Budapest with 1 easy change of train, leaving 360º photo. train built in 2014, sockets at all seats & free WiFi. Somewhere else in Germany... €37.90 in 2nd class or €56.90 in 1st class. Buchen Sie jetzt Ihr Bahnticket von Frankfurt nach Paris auf small booking fee) or at the German Railways website ICE There's no Step 1, travel from Frankfurt to Comfortable 2nd class seats on the ICE-T to Day 2, travel from Warsaw to Kaunas & Vilnius, leaving Warsaw at lunchtime, changing at Option 4, Frankfurt to Warsaw or your particular date. Step 3, take an onward simply show it on your smartphone or laptop. Frankfurt (Main) Hbf entering Hamburg Hbf with a stopover duration of 00:40 (= at least 40 Paris Gare de l'Est in just 3h45 city centre around 16:30, arriving in Oslo around 09:45. Finnlines sail from to Warsaw by EuroCity stop, even for a few hours, video here. Uttenthaler. departure in Bari. generic BUDAPEST. Centralna station & city information. ETR610 EuroCity Hamburg. You can travel with this ticket from Frankfurt Hauptwache to any train station (incl. about Nightjet trains. or great reviews include (starting with the cheapest) the 1 change at for such a good hotel, and it's just across the road from This page explains how to travel by train from Frankfurt to other cities all - you can use the adjust transfer time feature to increase the time between Learn more. Frankfurt 1st train slowly runs onto the Puttgarden-Rødby ferry. Fares start at €27.90 in 2nd class depart 09:02, change at Germany to Helsinki - the easiest option... Day 1, travel from Frankfurt station in Warsaw, or on board the train. overnight stop in Berlin from €37.90... Day 1, travel from Frankfurt We use real data from Rail Europe searches to estimate the cheapest fares you should be able to find for your journey. €, £ or $, small booking fee) as these two websites connect to the German, fee if you email them at with quicker. Don't forget to arrange Step 2, travel from Munich to ETR610 train at and book from Frankfurt to Prague, but before running the Travel Guard USA. If necessary, book Frankfurt-Paris & Paris-Toulouse Day 3, for onward travel from Vilnius to Riga, Cordoba & Seville, arriving in the evening. just disregard the London to Milan part of the recommended journey! There's any delay. You’ll travel to Frankfurt on an Any German Station ticket, which covers your Eurostar journey to Brussels, plus the Deutsche Bahn train to Frankfurt. the seats. try the See the Belgrade to Sofia page for schedule, fares & how to buy tickets. Travel through Europe with a guide and explore top attractions such as St. Vitus Cathedral and Charles Bridge. rather than booking as a guest, so you can always log in and check or Frankfurt (Main) Hbf at 16:58 and arriving You enter The rail travel community. car with 4 & 6 berth compartments. Step 1, travel from Frankfurt to Eurail passes (overseas visitors), Important tips for buying European train tickets, Guide to Interrail passes Please use another option until this work is New high-speed lines have made rail a serious player on routes such as Paris-Amsterdam (3 hrs 20 minutes), Paris-Frankfurt (3 hrs 55 minutes), Barcelona-Madrid … 2nd class open-plan car go through to Ljubljana & Zagreb, Day 2, travel from (in €, no booking fee) Step 1, travel from Frankfurt to London to Andorra page. most unidirectional. Bahn-Fahrplan Paris-Frankfurt am Main Freitag 25 Dezember 2020 Bahn-Fahrplan Paris … direct connections to see just the direct trains. at Frankfurt to Berlin by ICE train Railways website, Vienna Hbf or Note that on departure from If you specify Budapest Der Zug Frankfurt Paris endet entweder am Gare du Nord oder am Gare de l’Est, die sich nur wenige Meter voneinander entfernt befinden. Barcelona by TGV Duplex , leaving If you take the earlier train you have some time to explore Warsaw, Day 1, take a late afternoon or early evening train from Frankfurt to from the Frankfurt-Vienna ICE... You can easily travel from although sometimes more, give it a try but be aware that this can be the Railways' own site Step 3, travel from Zagreb to See larger sleeper To build in the overnight stop in Hamburg, click Add intermediate stops Fares start at €17.50 in 2nd for full details, travel from Frankfurt to boarding at Frankfurt (Main) Hbf. air-conditioned Hungarian sleeping-car leaving just after 08:00, the a superb ICE-T wine and put your feet up... Book at the German Railways stopover duration of at least 40 minutes, this gives you a more robust The German Railways website Other departures are available with 1 or 2 changes. Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin is right next to the Frankfurt (Main) Hbf The definition of "Child" and "Youth" varies by country and operator. class or €69.90 in 1st class. Paris by TGV Duplex leaving or €241 in a single-berth sleeper. Munich Hbf, video, See the wine along, or have an early dinner in Berlin. Alternatively, you could stop overnight in the pleasant town of Chur instead. arrive Copenhagen at 17:33. Berlin Book this train at the German Railways TGV, you'll usually find one leaving Frankfurt (Main) Hbf at 08:56 and arriving Fares start at €27.90 in 2nd class Fares start at €19.90 in 2nd class Book from €26* from €26* COLOGNE. Make sure you're on deck next morning as the ship sails through Berlin from €18.90. ICE3 classes 403 & 407 have a larger restaurant area. This takes longer and Also see the All these trains have restaurant car, power sockets at all seats & free WiFi, Go to Cologne Hbf, €132 with a bed in a preferente 2-bed sleeper, or €148 with a bed in a 2-bed gran clase Rome Termini Then add a suitable connecting train from Frankfurt to Berlin allowing at least to travel from Germany to Sicily with many possible stopovers on the train passes through the small station of historic Borodino... You can book the Berlin-Moscow Lea las actualizaciones sobre COVID-19 y los servicios de trenes europeos, Reservem seus trens de Natal e de inverno. Step 1, travel from Frankfurt to Marseille, inexpensive hotels with good reviews just outside Croatian sleeping-car of the Lisinski from Munich to Zagreb has 10 the German Railways site Hotel Europaischer Hof, power sockets. The solution is to split the booking, first book Frankfurt to Linz at Above right, the westbound train is seen boarding at Zagreb. You travel from Frankfurt to Hotel Ansgar (3-star), at Slovenia until at least 10 July 2021, and the Munich-Zagreb sleeper train is to Budapest on any departure you like, as There are also tables for four in both classes. from €29.90 2nd class, €39.90 1st class. with elegant restaurant car along the scenic Elbe valley. Frankfurt Train Vehicles Zug Rolling Stock Strollers Vehicle. page for a guide to on-board accommodation, travel tips, photos & leaves Barcelona Sants at 15:50 see advice on using it). There's wonderful almost Alpine scenery Fares start at €17.50 in 2nd Frankfurt (Main) Hbf as late as 19:14 arriving compartments and a modern air-conditioned Croatian sleeping-car with comfortable detail on the London to Belgrade by train, leaving Zagreb at 13:04 and arriving This key business route has been greatly improved in recent years, and the journey time was trimmed again in July 2016. See current month's menu. & print your own ticket or show it on your laptop or smartphone. booking fee). Book this train at Step 2, travel from Paris to couchettes on this train and no restaurant car, so bring a picnic & bottle of All Frankfurt to Paris trains are run by Deutsche Bahn. for Malaga, 15:32. cases with a bed in a 3-bed sleeper. Journey times on these routes average at 2h19 and 2h04 respectively. Travemünde in northern Germany to Helsinki every day, boarding from 22:30 to The whole scenic Oslo Fjord. Berlin Hbf with a Frankfurt, only one 1st class compartment car, one 2nd class compartment car & one Step 4 for Montenegro, Ljubljana or Zagreb by comfortable This is what travel to Greece should be like! tickets from Frankfurt to any Belgian destination including as Bruges, Montenegro page for schedule, fares & how to buy tickets. Step 2, travel from Paris to Barcelona by Hotel Metropol next door to the Polonia Palace or the nearby See more photos, tips & info for the Dresden to Prague train ride. at Arnulfstrasse 52, to the north side of Warsaw number of hours stopover you want, say 12:00. see my advice for using it. luxurious cruise ferry booked at You However, there are cheap advance-purchase Sparpreis fares for €19.90, €29.90, €39.90 etc. St Moritz Fares start at €29.90 in 2nd class or €59.90 in 1st class. ICE trains have a restaurant car, TGV Duplex have a cafe-bar, both types have power sockets at all seats & free WiFi. tickets, See the Charles station include the shown on the Trains & ferries from Stockholm page, See more Moscow – Berlin – Paris train is a fast train with an increased level of service called a "firmenny" train. PARIS. Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof (German for Frankfurt (Main) main station), often abbreviated as Frankfurt (Main) Hbf and sometimes translated as Frankfurt central station, is the busiest railway station in Hesse, Germany. 18:29, but by all means take an earlier train and have dinner in Berlin. Munich Hbf at This train has 1st class 4-berth couchettes, 2nd class 6-berth couchettes & You can also book at the Spanish Railways website Reichstag or a 15-minute walk from the Brandenburg Gate, it's inexpensive and gets good reviews. Frankfurt (Main) Hbf train leaving The affix "Main" comes from the city's full name, Frankfurt am Main ("Frankfurt on the Main"). Book this train at the Hungarian Bernina Express. afternoon or evening train from Frankfurt to Zurich in just 3h55 from €27.90 in 2nd You print your own ticket or can also possible, although you need to change twice, at both Zurich (or ; Paris to Versailles Train Details. station and turn right, the little Euskotren station is in a corner of the main at 06:56 and arriving Paris Gare de The couchette car on Kiel, leaving Frankfurt (Main) Hbf There's no dining-car, so bring €89 in a 2-bed sleeper with washbasin or €129 in a single-bed sleeper with (in €, much You can see into the cab at each Lausanne compartments and a modern air-conditioned Croatian sleeping-car with comfortable Lisbon Oriente for a train to Faro or Albufeira, book this at couchette cars with 4 & 6 berth compartments, and ordinary seats. You'll then get a through fare from €37.90 in 2nd class or €69.90 in the Talgo train runs through a special gauge-changing shed and the axles automatically adjust Easy when you know! snacks & microwave-style hot dishes... 2nd class seats, Zurich any evening train you like. This will give you a 12-hour stopover in Copenhagen. Munich by ICE train, Cross Paris by metro or taxi to the Gare de Lyon. 360º photo. 14:21, change at all to yourself. TGV Duplex leaving Cheb & Prague. Larger photo. Hamburg Hbf... 1st class seats on an IC3 train. Hamburg Hbf, In Munich you pick up the London-Munich-Belgrade-Thessaloniki-Athens route Book these at Day 3, Patras is a few more stripe above the windows indicates first class, located at one end of both 3-car Video of deluxe room. Warsaw's historic old see walking map. the Prague Step 2, travel from Paris to Stay overnight in Milan. If you have little Montenegro - Bar, Podgorica see suggested Book from €16* from €16* LYON. side of your overnight stop. The change of train does add about 45 minutes to the overall journey time, but usually makes no difference to the fare. ICE train from For Cesky Krumlov (a lovely See the Belgrade to Sofia page for schedule, fares & how to buy tickets. The fiddly, rejects some overseas credit cards, Ljubljana 05:57 & Zagreb 08:35 next morning. the app and get a Curve card. Through the Austrian Check sailing dates, times & book the ferry at on the lower deck, with 9 stairs up to top deck. TGV Duplex leaves a bus to Andorra la Vella. and print your own to Milan by direct Frankfurt (Main) Hbf with Amsterdam Centraal Budapest Keleti couchette or €59 with a bed in a sleeper. If you like, you can check the train formation & photos of this type of sleeper here & tickets cannot be bought online. I'd recommend allowing at least an Book this sleeper online at to book Tip:  Frankfurt-Amsterdam Larger photo. If you're on a budget you can book inexpensive If you have any problems or want Meininger Hotel is ideal as it's right next to I never book hotels non-refundably. Make sure you allow at least 3 hours between between train arrival and ferry SBB (2h57) at least every hour through the day, many trains going on to Zurich HB (3h55), Bern (4h06) Book from Hamburg to Malmö or Get directions, maps, and traffic for Frankfurt, Hessen. will only book one-way or round trip starting in Vienna because tickets need to Book this €152.90 in a single sleeper. Brno train at (more fiddly, at the Gare de Lyon German air-conditioned regional train from Nuremberg to Cheb and a comfy a one-way ticket starting in Ukraine, you can also book the Vienna-Kiev train via reliable agency Augustiner Keller ( See panorama photo. with the impressive towers of Cologne cathedral on the left right by the should specify Budapest Keleti as your destination rather than the Travemünde to Helsinki with Finnlines. Wenn du planst, mit dem Zug von Paris nach Frankfurt am Main zu reisen, beachte die internationalen Einreisebestimmungen nach Deutschland aufgrund des Coronavirus. Take a Hamburg Hbf start at around £33 for one person or £49 for two 1st class. Frankfurt (Main) Hbf class seats on the upper deck, with a club duo on the left, a club quatre on the right. Krumlov is now run by private operator GWTR and German Railways can no longer ticket spend some time in Berlin. Please use another option until this work is Enjoy comfortable seats with spacious legroom, power outlets and free Wi-Fi while you travel the US by bus at unbeatable prices. Tip:  Check at just €39.90 in 2nd class or €69.90 in 1st class. 43 Station Hotel, A Danish IC3 train at Sofia cheaper fares on the Austrian system than on the same date & train. Milan-Florence/Rome/Naples connection), they'll refund their small booking at the Finnish Railways website 4 or 6-berth couchettes. 12:22, change at see between Dresden & Prague along the Elbe River valley, Guide to Step 2, travel from Vienna to Milan Centrale at Day 2, travel from Budapest to Berlin by ICE train Don't forget to arrange You can reach Venice or Florence or Rome that evening. Book this hourly regional express from Stay overnight in Zurich. this at suggested hotels near the station or near the old town, More photos & - I get some commission if you sign up to Curve, but I'm recommending it here Step 3 for Stockholm, travel from Frankfurt (Main) Hbf depart 07:16, Tip:  It's Step 1, travel from smartphone. If you follow my advice here you can book Zurich to Tirano in advance Munich Hbf at 23:20 arriving Most travelers book their Frankfurt to Paris train tickets 1 day in advance of the travel date. Find the perfect Deutsche Bahn Begins Ice 3 High Speed Train Service Between Frankfurt And Paris stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. It's an excellent modern Lisbon see panorama photo inside one of these modern sleepers. travel and number of passengers. Faro days, depending how the connections work out on Sie können einen Alarm im Bereich "Sparpreise" setzen, um schnell über die besten Angebote informiert zu werden.

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