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Furthermore, Super3 has been emphasizing the need of a common front against cops and the state in general showing its solidarity to every fan who is unfairly arrested. According to some polls Aris is the 5th most popular team in Greece with around a million fans, an amount quite big considering the lack of titles for many decades. Also, in a unique move for Greek standards, the board decided in December 2009 to establish a radio station, Aris FM 92.8[15] in order to promote the communication between Aris fans around the country and the coverage of the clubs activities. 10pts. The final five clubs of the last Super League are introduced to the tournament in the Round of 16 and they are seeded in the draw. Zumba with Kandie B Dallas . Against Panathinaikos in the 2010 Greek Cup final, 30,000 Aris fans descended to Athens to what has been described as the biggest football fans move in Greece. The 2019–20 season is the 2nd for Aris in the Super League after its return top division of Greece. Aris VC participates in the A2 League and it is one of the most historical teams of the whole club and of the most stable values of the Greek volleyball, inside and outside its borders. Aris is considered up to now and despite the tough economic situations that, beyond others,  lead the football club in the 2nd division this past year, one of the most successful teams in Greece, as it counts numerous titles in every sport (4th in that list , coming after Olimpiakos , Panathinaikos and AEK). In summer 2015 where the next elections for the role of head of football department Kalas won again and promised to put more money into the club. In iterative matches played in June in Thessaloniki, Aris won both of his opponents by 3–1 and thus crowned the first champion of Greece. Download ARIS SUPER 3 for Firefox. Four years after winning the first Panhellenic title, the "yellows" won the championship. Played on Wednesday 2nd December 2020 Tables, statistics, under over goals and picks. ], The club's anthem (Aris Victorious) was written in 1926.[27]. Finally, I would personally like to salute all the russian antifascistas and send them my deepest regards. It was supporters of direct self-management who stood up most active in russian election day. … Due to Aris failing to get into the second division Kalas was sacked despite only being there for a month. The supporters of the club are famous all around the world for the atmosphere they create in both home and away games, even when the team is facing difficult moments. Aris earned high placings in the League during the 1960s and 1970s, with apex the 1970 Hellenic Cup Title against the club's fierce rival, PAOK, in Kaftanzoglio Stadium.[8]. 1074 views. At home, the team shared first place with Olympiacos at the end of the 1980 campaign, though it lost the title 2–0 in a tie-breaker against the Piraeus club in Volos National Stadium. Aris was also the first club in Greece to bring foreign athletes and organize friendly games with foreign teams, showing in that way its opposition to racist beliefs. After the mid-1980s and the retirement of the club's honored old guard, Aris entered in a slow decline, rarely reaching European league qualification or notable Greek League position, which—in combination with appreciable financial troubles that left the club near bankruptcy—led to the club's relegation to the Second Division in 1997 and 2005. ΑΡΗΣ 1914. Used by. Panathinaikos won the match 1-0 but the supporters of Aris were incredible, taking an army of 25,000 to the game. ",,, "Πρώτη εντός έδρας ευρωπαϊκή ήττα μετά από 28 ματς και 52 χρόνια", "Οπαδική μετακίνηση – ρεκόρ, Του Γιωργου Συριδη – Kathimerini", " – Η μεγάλη κάθοδος των... Αρειανών για τον τελικό Κυπέλλου", "Τελικός Κυπέλλου: Από 23.500 εισιτήρια Παναθηναϊκός και Άρης", Aris Thessalonikis – Atletico Madrid : 1–0 (Match report), Atletico Madrid – Aris Thessalonikis : 2–3 (Match report),, "Ποια είναι η μεγαλομέτοχος της νέας ΠΑΕ Άρης",, "Έλαβον: ΟΣΦΠ 39%, ΠΑΟ 30%, ΑΕΚ 15%, ΠΑΟΚ 11%, Άρης 5%",, "Οι 10 Μεγαλύτερες Μετακινήσεις Οπαδών εντός συνόρων! History. In June 2014, the strong canadian company named ''El Dorado Gold'' expressed their interest in investing money on Aris. On 20 April 1929, the first friendly match took place between Aris and Panathinaikos, the "yellows" to defeat 5–4. Aris Thessaloniki was founded in 1914 in Votsi an area close to the historical centre of Thessaloniki. Super3 which is the main fan club of Aris has an official placement against racism, fascism and neonazis. Aris Super 3 Ultras Pictures. Will of fate I was fortunate enough prove to be in this place and get acquainted with the local fan scene. In 1926 the club was renamed "Athletic Club Aris Thessaloniki" to include also other sports than football. Just some examples of this are the games against Boca Juniors, Panathinaikos in the final of OAKA, Atletico Madrid in Spain, derbies against Paok etc. The following table shows in detail Aris kit manufacturers and shirt sponsors by year: The stadium of Aris Thessaloniki is named Kleanthis Vikelides after the club's legendary player. Aris became champion amassing a total of 22 points, four more than second Panathinaikos and scoring big wins like 7–0 against Panathinaikos with four goals Maywood, 6–1 on Apollon Athens with six goals in the Aggelakis' first home appearance with the first group of Kleanthis Vikelidis, 7–3 vs Iraklis with four goals Kitsos and away 0–3 over Olympiacos, PAOK and AEK. Aris were eliminated in the third qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League by the Norwegian Molde FK First-team squad. There are also some good relationships with fans of Middlesborough, Sankt Pauli and Athletic Bilbao. In the draws for the quarter-finals onwards, there are no seedings. Aris' main fan club is called Super 3 and has symbol a bulldog. In the 1970s, Aris was reorganized and a vast number of young players from Thessaloniki, including Kouis, Foiros, Drambis, Zindros and Papafloratos led the club. Aris Saloniki And the Crazy Super 3 Ultras February 6, 2020 February 7, 2020. by Captain @ Hooligan F.C. He signed many players in a few days including former Greek footballer of the club Andreas Tatos, former Real Madrid defender Raul Bravo[20] club legend Sergio Koke, as well as many Super League quality players like Kostas Kaznaferis, Vasilios Rovas, Nikos Tsoumanis, Giannis Siderakis as well as many others. The fans had the opportunity to vote for the owner the wanted but unfortunately this model was not going to work due to the greed that the owners showed. In the rest of Europe there are also some organized Aris' fan clubs in countries such as Germany, Italy and Sweden. ARIS are one of the most important clubs in Greece. This was followed by victory over Apollon Athens, to reach the final where they lost 5–3 from AEK Athens, losing the chance to win the first doubles. 1 User No Reviews. Αρης Θρησκεια Για Παντα Super-3-Sports League. The club is named after the ancient Olympian god of war, Ares, who represented on the club’s emblem. ΑΡΗΣ 3. Amateur Sports Team. More themes by lgaris. Seattle Thunder 264 South Second Street, Harrisburg . Both times though Aris managed to resume its place in the first division. [23] Their rivalry is against clubs such as arch-rival PAOK, but also against the biggest clubs of Athens Olympiacos, Panathinaikos and AEK Athens. Aris’s home ground is the Kleanthis Vikelidis Stadium and it carries … A month later in Patras a city of the greek South and before a basketball game Aris fans made an intervention outside the local officed of Golden Dawn, stealing also their flag. Aris has not won a championship since the establishment of the First Division (1959). Main page Bet of the day Picks by email … Nearby gyms & sports facilities. 3.7K likes. Away colours. Sports Team. The 2010 Greek Cup Final was played between Aris and Panathinaikos at the Olympic Stadium in Athens. Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Among the founders and first supporters of Aris were greek, jewish and armenian people, making the club the most multicultural one of the time (note: Thessaloniki was also a multicultural city back then , something like Izmir in Turkey). The club's accomplishments during these years were significant. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality. D W L W D. 04/10/2020 Super League 1 Game week 4 KO 15:00 Venue Olympiako Stadio Spyros Louis (Athína (Athens)) Summary ; Top Markets; Panathinaikos matches Competition: All; Super League 1; Cup; Club Friendlies; Show: All; Home; Away « Previous … It is located at 69 Alkminis, Charilaou; 54249 Thessaloniki, and was built in 1951. Aris is one of Greece's most successful clubs, having won the fourth most Super League titles after Olympiacos, Panathinaikos and AEK Athens, while they are tied with PAOK. Browse millions of popular aek Wallpapers and Ringtones on Zedge and personalize your phone to suit you. [21] Finally, Irene Karipidis became the major shareholder with overwhelming proportion over 89%.[22]. Until 1959–60 the top teams of the regional leagues were qualified for the national championship play-offs.*. This emblem was chosen in the late 1970s to replace an older and simpler logo which was used since 1914. The company had previously invested in the volleyball club of Paok, inciting huge oppositions. [4] The team's home ground is the Kleanthis Vikelidis Stadium. Mainly solidarity actions with refugees in camps around north Greece and borders as well as orphanages / kids infrastructures and Albanian people who suffered damages from the earthquakes .. ( just to name a few recent ones), We try to keep our parts of the city as much clean out of nazis as possible, against the large and well funded ''army'' of Savidis' neonazis who have infiltrated paok fan clubs in west Salonica, even attacking squats & cooperativas as well as the fans of Proodeutiki Toumpas ( an amateur antifascist club mainly consistent of fans of Aris , Iraklis and even a few Paok fans)/, Hasta La Muerte Aris para siempre ! [25][26][unreliable source? Aris. Key: 3R = Third Round, 4R = Fourth Round, 5R = Fifth Round, GS = Group Stage, QF = Quarter-finals, SF = Semi-finals, RU = Runner-up. [17] These protests caused clashes between the police and the fans that led to arrests[18] and Aris didn't manage to get promoted to the professional divisions. SUPER-3-ΧΑΝΙΩΝ, Chaniá, Greece. Belgrade Lakes Yoga 87 Main Street #2, Belgrade . ARIS SUPER 3 by lgaris. In Greek mythology, Aris was a deity who was in conflict with Heracles, the mythological character after which Aris's rival football team, Iraklis, was named. In the beginning the club was based on a near the Arch and Tomb of Galerius, but after the accession of two minor football clubs in 1919 and 1921 the club's base was moved near to Flemming Street of eastern Thessaloniki. Also, during the 2000s, a scheme of meander was added to the crest. Aris Saloniki, which goes by the full name of Aris Thessaloniki F.C., was founded in 1914 in the Votsi area of Thessaloniki. Before World War II, Aris' homeground was located in the center of the city, near the Thessaloniki International Fair, but was abandoned in 1936 in order for the Pedion tou Areos park (Mars Field) to be created. Aris. WEST SIDE LOCOS. In Vikelidis, there have also been hanged banners in solidarity with armed rebels arrested or simple anarchists and demonstrators caught in protests. Created in 1914 as Aris Thessaloniki Football Club, the club was a founding member of the Macedonian Football Clubs Association, as well as the Hellenic Football Federation. 18th March, 2018 (election day in Russia) anarchists all over the world have become the main force who expressed the protest against Putin's political machine. During the 2010–11 UEFA Europa League they managed to play for the first time in club's history in Europe after Christmas, after a very good appearance in the group stage where they won 1–0[13] at home and 2–3[14] away and eliminated the title holders Atlético Madrid. I find myself in a former police van with football fans, punk-rock and political discussions about the upcoming elections in Austria. Please don't use this form to report bugs or request add-on features; this report will be sent to Mozilla and not to the add-on developer. Kalas also made a number of signings, Honduran legend Carlos Costly, Sierra Leone international John Kamara, Spaniard Guillermo Pérez Moreno, Portuguese footballer Fábio Ruben Moreira Tavares, defender Paschalis Melissas and defender Stavros Petavrakis. Football teams - , or Football teams - , or . Amateur Sports Team. It was one of the first teams in Greece to qualify for European tournaments. In 2013 after the murder of Pavlos Fissas (Killah P) by a Golden Dawn member Aris fans hanged a banner that was giving a clear message to the neonazi party ''Football will be played with the heads of the nazis''. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Head to head statistics, odds, last league matches and more info for the match. Aris won their third title in 1946,[7] playing against two teams, AEK from Athens and Olympiacos from Piraeus, champions of the other two minor domestic leagues. As part of other small A/A groups aka North Brigade & Aris fans Antifasist movement I can confirm all of the above , and way more actions the last few years have been performed by Aris fans and the respective fan clubs. Obviously, there is a big hatred between Aris fans and cops as it happens with all real supporters. Despite the serious problems that the club was (and it still is) facing , the fans decided to reject the offer and oblige the owners to deny the bid. The colors of the team are yellow or gold of glory, dominant colour in the culture of Macedonia, and black. Refuse / Resist. In April 2017, a bombing took place in the Saint Petersburg metro. Get the latest Aris news, scores, stats, standings, rumors, and more from ESPN. View statistics, game flow and team compositions for the game ARIS-OLYMPIACOS 2020-11-28 19:30:00 Matchday 10 Carolina Thunder 701 Wilcox St, Marion . Sports Club. In Harilaou there is often hanged an ''A.C.A.B'' banner , while there are frequently riots outside the stadium and wherever we travel. It is named after Ares, the ancient Olympian "God of War," associated also with courage and masculinity, whose image is portrayed on the club's logo as depicted in the Ludovisi Ares sculpture. In the rest of Europe there are also some organized Aris' fan clubs in countries such as Germany, Italy and Sweden. Nacho Garcia: “I will not forget Super-3, Aris must win the title” en However, the fans are still proud and determined to make the club strong again as it always used to be. 29' A. Bouchalakis: 47' A. Bouchalakis: Live; Aris - Olympiakos Piraeus: Live broadcast listings (TV, live streaming, radio) This match has ended. Extension Metadata. For instance there were banners in memory of Carlo Giuliani (who was killed by cops in Italy), Berkin Elvan (the 15 years old boy, killed by cops in Turkey), Alexandros Grigoropoulos (15 years aldo also, killed in Greece by cops) etc. SoccerVista - football betting soccer results and prediction for Panetolikos against Aris Thessaloniki FC games from Super League soccer league. [19], Although after the Aris election Arvanitidis became leader of the football department, Theodoros Karipidis was named the head of football department the day afterwards. Aris was always one of the most prominent clubs in Greece, but managed to make a worldwide known name too , due to the success of the basketball team in the 1980's (Nick Galis , who is still considered the best European basketball player ever , played for Aris) and the big wins of the football team in Europe. Nowdays Aris is facing extremely difficult moments, because of the lack of funds. Sports Team. Soccer result and predictions for Panetolikos against Aris Thessaloniki FCgame at Super League soccer league. Aris' first major success was between 1927 and 1928 when they won the first Greek Championship,[5] beating finalists Atromitos and Ethnikos Piraeus exploiting the abstention from the championship teams of RECs. During the 2000s, the club introduced also a shade of lime. Its current total capacity is 22,800 spectators. 2020/2021. Up to 1959, when the united First Division was created, Aris managed to finish first 14 times in the Macedonian division. We drive through the towns and villages of Saxony to... Near the sacred Mount Parnassus and the ruins of Delphi there is a small town of Levadia. Instead, three minor leagues [in Macedonia (E.P.S.M. W L L D L. FT 0 - 1 (HT 0 - 1) Aris. and Piraeus (E.P.S.P.)] While in the Gamma Ethniki, the team demanded that the Hellenic Football Federation allow them to be promoted to a higher level of Greek football. The second championship came four years later in 1932,[6] only this time his opponents were Olympiacos, Panathinaikos, AEK, Ethnikos, PAOK and Iraklis. Aris managed to collect 22 points in this mini tournament, four more than the second, Panathinaikos, scoring large wins like 7–0 against Panathinaikos, 7–3 against Iraklis and 3–0 versus AEK and Olympiacos in Athens, also new star players emerged, Kitsios, Aggelakis, Bogdanos, Gigopoulos, while Belgian manager De Valer guided effectively the club. Aris : 12: 9: 2: 1: 20: 7 +13: 29: 3. American business man Alex Kalas emerged the first season with him in charge of the football department while they failed to gain promotion to the Football League. Also in 1959, the tripartite minor league system was abandoned and a new, unified Championship was created. Underground Elite Fitness 1807 Meredith Park Drive, McDonough . OFI Crete . Aris Thessaloniki. W W D W L. FT 1 - 2 (HT 0 - … ΤΟΠ 10 Ποδόσφαιρο – – Σελίδα 10", "1982: Κέρδισε ο καλύτερος, διπλό στην Τούμπα", "Κυζερίδης: "Ότι αγαπούσα στο ποδόσφαιρο, το μίσησα" (audio)",,, "ARIS FC vs CLUB BRUGGE 4–0: Ο Άρης ισοπέδωσε την Μπριζ", "Aris Thessaloniki Under Armour Kits 2010/11",,,,,,,, Greek football clubs in European competitions,, Articles lacking reliable references from September 2014, Articles with Greek-language sources (el), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 27 December 2020, at 07:43. Aris' fan base is spread across all the economic classes in the city of Thessaloniki and all over Greece. In addition to the domestic league, Aris Thessaloniki will participate in the Greek Football … Main page Bet of the day Picks by email … Amateur Sports Team. Aris was also one of the strongest and most popular teams in Greece during the interwar period. There are over 12,000 Super 3 members. It exist since 1988 with 50 more Super 3 clubs spread all over Greece and Europe. During the 2015–16 season Aris managed to be promoted to the second division of Greece with a 21-point difference from the second club. Recent developments include the interest from the club's board to construct a new, modern stadium in eastern Thessaloniki Metropolitan Area to replace the obsolete Kleanthis Vikelidis Stadium and the modernization and expansion of the club's training facilities in Neo Rysio, Thessaloniki. That same year, the EPO instituted for the first time the Greek Cup, Mars crashing Panathinaikos 7–2 in the quarterfinal. [24] Matches against PAOK are local derbies and an event that splits Thessaloniki and Northern Greece in two. Last five games: 5pts. There are also some chants written outside the stadium which say that fascists are not allowed. Super League 1: 2nd: Greek Cup: Round of 16: UEFA Europa League: Second qualifying round: Top goalscorer: League: Bruno Gama (5) All: Bruno Gama (6) Home colours. Summary; H2H Comparison; Commentary; Venue Greece Super League 1. Мy friend and I hadn’t gotten seats in the fan bus and guys agreed to give us a ride in the ex cop wagon. Quickly the club became very popular and soon new teams apart from football were established. Regular Season; Championship Round; Relegation Round; Super League 2; Football League; Gamma Ethniki; Delta Ethniki; Cup; Super Cup; Play-offs 1/2; Play-offs 2/3; Super League K19; Panelinio Protathlima; Super League K20; Club Friendlies; INFO.

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